Iggy Azalea can’t seem to catch a break this year. First, her man Nick Young was caught on home security cheating on her with a ton of other women while she was away, and now Uncle Sam the tax man that everyone hates has filed a lien against her for over a 1/4 million in unpaid taxes.

ShowbizSpy has talked with Iggy’s team and we are being told: “It is nothing more than an internal accounting error that has already been taken care of.” Well, at least there is that.

If you remember Iggy was also hit with a lien of $391,056.55 for unpaid taxes in April of this year for taxes she owed in 2014, with almost $100k of that being penalties and interest.

Seems Iggy may want to re-think whoever is handling her massive finances.

Iggy herself has been asked by local paparazzi about her financial issues, and she has re-iterated that there is no money problems in her camp whatsoever.

We talked with some of our lawyers about Iggy’s problem and they tell us: “All the IRS wants is their cut, as long as Iggy pays the back taxes due, there will be no legal issues, unless of course there was some incorrect filing, then that could cause some problems for the rapper and or her accountants.”

ShowbizSpy has reached out to her tax accountant, we are still waiting for a comment. It’s OK though, we are sure you are very busy right now.