Jason London Arrested and Beat Up

Damn! Jason London got his ass kicked by not only some bouncers in a night club but also by the cops that showed up because of a bleeding man in the street.

This all went down after a guy at the Martini Ranch bar in the Phoenix, Az thought Jason was hitting on his lady and then when a bouncer came over Jason sneezed on him. When the bouncer asked him to apologize Jason would not and the fight ensued. Jason said it was 3 bouncers against him. Then after getting his ass kicked when the cops showed up they say he was acting crazy and ended up having to give the Dazed and Confused actor a knee to the chest.

The craziest thing about this story is that while he was sitting in the back of the police car, he s**t his pants stinking up the situation. ;)

Here is a video of Jason standing to the right of Matthew McConaughey in the movie that made them both famous “Dazed and Confused”.