Yup… ok, girls you can start to scream now as real photos of Justin Bieber and his penis have hit the web and broke Twitter.

The leak happened when the New York Daily News published long range lens photos, taken from almost a mile away unbeknownst to the singer, of him naked while vacationing with his sexy lady friend in Bora Bora. In addition to the unauthorized pictures of Bieber nude, the paper also posted video of him in the buff with a black box over his penis. This is a scandal that has been extremely debated as the question goes how far should a reputable reporting source go and the issue comes into play that the farther they push the envelope the more coverage and notoriety they receive. However some in the industry are saying that a lot of well known media companies are going to far and they know it damn well and good.

There has also been pics of what is said to be Justin’s manhood in a text fight with his ex Selena Gomez but turns out those are said to be faked by someone close to the Bieb trying to cash in from media companies. On the other hand the pictures of Justin Biebers ass that he himself posted where confirmed real and taken in Bora Bora as well… Seems someone can’t keep his cloths on while on vacation.

Even after all the negative coverage about Daily News leaking the photos, not only two days later they leak even more nude photos of Justin to keep the site traffic iron hot.

Justin of course requested the removal of the pictures but never followed up as he was getting a ton of coverage about the size of his penis being pretty large (which can only help his sex life we assume, not that it would be lacking). People on social media are saying had he been hung like an ant the whole suing thing and getting the pics removed would have been much more of an issue for the mega celeb.

Sources: TMZ, Gossip Cop, NY Daily

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