That’s right Justin Bieber is being sued by the same neighbor that got his house egged back in the day for… get this… emotional distress from Justin Bieber’s bodyguards calling the owner of the house Jeff Schwartz a “little jew boy”. Personally we think this is just one of those instances of people abusing the court system trying to get paid by a celeb with more money than brains and we are not Bieber fans at all, in fact we think he is a little spoiled s**t. But this time we agree with the Bieb that it should be thrown out of the courts for good.

Anyways, Mr. Schwartz is saying that before his house was egged by Bieber and the crew… they where throwing names at him that were very hurtful and caused him emotional distress and wants paid by the Bieber crew asap.

Sticks and stones my friend… sticks and stones ;)