Yup, we told you many many times now that the Kardashian sisters, though they may play nice at times for the media, can not stand Blac Chyna.

In the most recent documented proof, Blac Chyna attempted to trademark the name “Angela Renee Kardashian”, in an attempt to shed her stripper name that she is most well known for; “Blac Chyna”.

The Kardashian sisters filed court documents to block Chyna’s attempt at the name trademark, claiming: “If Blac Chyna gets the trademark the Kardashian name will suffer damage including irreparable injury to their brand reputation and goodwill.”

Blac is now super pissed off, and trying to hire more legal muscle to take on the massive attorney power of the Kardashian family.

There is of course one way that Blac Chyna could try to make her own brand a massive success, and that is to take a page out of the Kim Kardashian playbook, leaking all of the sex tapes she says she has with several high profile celebrities… hey, it worked for Kim & Ray J with the ‘Kim K Superstar sex tapes‘ videos right.

Amber Rose, who also has her own verified sex tape videos, including one with Kim Kardashian’s husband Kanye, chimed in as well, saying: “the Kardashian sisters are acting like a bunch of little bitches, everyone knows why they are really famous, let’s call it like it is.”