Spies are reporting that “the Kardashian sisters have officially hit the end of what they are willing to deal with in the Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna relationship.”

Also saying that “the meeting of the Kardashians was put together by Khloe & Kim after Rob moved out of Blac’s house, after of course the well known big blow out fight. The Kardashians may see it as there chance to get Rob to come to his senses, and that he has made a HUGE mistake with Blac.” The only problem the Kardashian sisters are concerned about is custody of Rob’s new bundle of joy that Blac is carrying. Saying: “It’s a real concern how we approach this, we do not want Blac to put up a god awful fight and drag this out more than it needs to be.” Insiders with Keeping Up With The Kardashians are telling us: “There was parts of the meeting that were for film and not for film, the parts you did not see are how they really feel, basically complete hate and mistrust for Chyna.”

They continue: “I know for a fact that Blac will not take this lying down, she will do everything she can to make it as hard and costly to Rob as she can. We have his back 100%, we just don’t want him to go through all the emotional struggles that will come along with several court dates and any false accusations.”

Well, as you can all see now, what we have been saying all along is becoming more true by the minute, that the Kardashian sisters still can not stand Blac and trust her about as far as they can throw her, regardless of any buddy buddy photo ops you have seen.

Amber was to have said to have called Blac after Rob moved out, telling her to “chill the f%^k out on Rob and that he is doing more for her than any man she has ever been with.” Though we are not sure if at this point Blac is going to take Amber’s advice. Only time will tell with this crazy ass stuff.

Either way, it is definitely boosting ratings of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians show. Maybe this is all one big smoke screen?… Who knows, but it is fun as hell to watch play out, that is for sure!