Katt Williams Continues to Spiral: Troubled Comedian Fight Caught on Tape (VIDEO)

Folks waking up Wednesday morning saw Katt Williams once again trending on Twitter. There are three things Twitter users think when they see him trending; Is he dead? Did he get arrested? Did he get in a fight? The answers today are, No, not yet, and yes.

In the video, Williams is seen punching a guy. Twitter users are saying the person is 13 or 14 and is a 7th grader. Other sources say the teen attends FSU. We have no name or confirmation of the guy’s age but based on the rest of the video Williams soon regretted his decision. The “teen” identified as “Luke” goes on to put Williams in a choke hold while a crowd of people video the event. In the end, folks pull the teen off of as Williams’s yells “tap” and the fight ends. We’re certain this fight will result in Williams getting arrest for assault.