Khloe Kardashian went to Entertainment Tonight and confirmed that she and Lamar have several sex tape porn videos in her safe. Khloe says: “I’ve definitely recorded myself having sex with my ex-husband, (Lamar Odom) But not like, talking to camera (the way her sister and Ray J did when the Kim K Superstar tape leaked).”

This is funny, because as Showbiz Spy previously reported through some of our sources that had seen some of the footage first hand said: the couple had several sex tapes in both their safe and on Lamar’s phone. “Khloe and Lamar have hours of confirmed sex tape videos… including toys, sex swings etc etc..” Yet, no one listened… now though she has officially gone public saying in fact yes they are real.

This goes right along with the Kardashian trend as the family was made so famous because of the Kim Kardashian Superstar sex tape made and released with rapper Ray J back in 2007 after seeing how successful it worked with bff Paris Hilton. Then just last year little sis Kylie Jenner went public with news of celebrity sex tapevideos made with her man Tyga and even received several offers from adult distributors to purchase the rights. Again no one listened to us until Kylie came forward and said that in fact they had several tapes together. Tyga was even quoted after our report: “Our tapes are better than Kim and Ray J’s, they are the best ever made” Showbiz Spy had found out about the Kylie tapes before anyone after a friend of Tyga contacted us with the scoop that we then confirmed with our Kardashian insider.

As far as Khloe, here she is talking about her own leaked video tapes and plastic surgery done on her and family members: We hate to be right, but again we where.