Unless you have been under a rock, you know about the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery, where Kim was hog tied in the bathroom and robbed at gun point, shortly after posting several photo’s showing off her bling via social media.

Now, video acquired by our friends at TMZ has surfaced showing the 5 men that forced their way into her leased mansion on bicycles and on foot.

The video shows all 5 of the alleged robbers, 3 on bicycles and 2 on foot, approaching Kim’s apartment complex at 2:19 AM on October 3, and then later the suspects fled the apartment about 49 minutes later.

Showbiz Spy has talked with Westminster Security and they are telling us: “From looking at the video it appears to be the same type of robberies that we deal with all the time out here. The reason they are on bikes and foot is due to the landscape of the area. Using a car to perform a robbery of this type carries a ton of risk (plates, mechanical, size and car type) and limits escape routes due to the compact area. I would say that 90% of heist in Paris are done the exact way they pulled this one off.”

There have been a ton of false claims, and shady reporting throughout this entire situation, including the most recent lawsuit filed by Kim against MediaTakeOut.

Even though authorities have a piece of the stolen jewlery with confirmed DNA, they are telling us that as of this time, they have no solid leads from the DNA removed from the cross found in the street.

ShowbizSpy also reached out to the Commissariat du 10ème (police department/investigations dept.) in Paris and asked about the robbery investigation, and if they are concerned about the Paris reputation of high crime. Here is what they told us: “The investigation is ongoing so there is nothing I can tell you about that, however I will tell you that we have several leads being followed, and will not stop until the perpetrators are brought to justice. We take our visitors security very serious, and as you probably know have one of the largest public video security systems in the world.”

Kim’s camp has been radio silent ever since the robbery, but we did report about her new security plans for protection, and they are no joke.