It’s about damn time!

MediaTakeOut better known as ‘MediaFakeOut’ for all of their false stories, is now officially being sued by Kim Kardashian after they claimed, without any factual support whatsoever, that Kardashian faked the France robbery, lied about the violent assault, and then filed a fraudulent complaint with her insurance company to bilk her carrier out of millions of dollars.

ShowbizSpy immediately debunked the false report by MediaTakeOut on the 5 man armed robbery, and why Kim Kardashian had no worries at all about any nude content leaking from her 2 IPhones that where also taken, along with all the other property.

There was also major rumors… that for some reason all the top media companies jumped all over without fact checking the new Kim Kardashian sex tape Part 2 that will leak via her stolen phones, however we also debunked those idiotic stories with pure fact. We still have no idea how some of our friends in the celebrity reporting niche fell for the false claims/gossip, but they have all stopped reporting on those claims as well.

Our spies have checked with our Kardashian insider, and they are telling us: “Kim is not playing around this time, even though MediaTakeOut have since removed the false reports, she plans to put them out of business.” We do know one thing, she has the money to do it, and from what we can tell, this would be an easy hit for the Kardashian attorneys, as founder Fred Mwangaguhunga is not worth even close to the amount Kim is, and has a very sketchy past in reporting. Something our attorneys are telling us would hold a ton of weight in court. So basically, if Kim wants to put them out of business, this should be a slam dunk.