We have reported last month that there is major trouble in the Kardashian camp, after a spy close to the family told us that there is some problems with the Kim and Kanye relationship. Well, now sources are reporting our spies were correct!

Sources including Radar, TMZ and Hollywood Gossip are all saying that the entire family is sick of Kanye’s s**t but even more tired of Kim’s whining about he marital issues. Momanger Kris Jenner has even told the family she is worried that Kanye is tainting the Kardashian brand with his uncontrollable ego and stupid decision making.

One of the insiders for Radar reports: “Kourtney and Khloe are over trying to help Kim through her man troubles and like the rest of the family, Kourtney and Khloe are more or less anti-Kanye these days, but they’re not trying to sway her decision one way or another. More than anything, Kim’s sisters are simply sick of hearing about her relationship problems.”

Our own spies reported last month that the problem is Kanye clashing with Kris Jenner in the fact that Kanye is trying to control the Kardashian marketing and what brand his wife and the entire Kardashian family promotes. Need we remind you of the most recent Kylie Puma deal that Kanye went absolutely ape s**t about, we’ll that was a deal that Kris had said for Kylie to “go for it”. There is also reports that even though Kanye is not shy to talk about the Kim porno made with rapper Ray J, he does in fact bring up that time with Ray J often when an argument erupts.

We have also been told that Kim has personally said she “Knows Kanye has cheated on her and is just so tired of Kanye’s s**t but the kids make her decision a difficult one.”

Divorce is nothing new to Kim as this will be her third divorce on the books if she indeed goes through with it. Not to worry though, psychologists say that a happy marriage is one where children thrive and a bad marriage can cause long term emotional problems. So, with that said, our advice would be for Kim to hit the reset button again and see where it takes her.

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