One of the worst celebrity reporting sites on the planet that many of you see in your local supermarkets, The National Enquirer has yet again provided to be a completely fake news source, after posting a complete bull shit story about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West yet again.

The report titled: “Kim & Kanye’s Sex Life Kaput!” has been debunked as completely false with absolutely no backed up verifiable proof at all. Their so-called “source” tells the fake tabloid, “Kim’s libido really took a hit after Saint was born, and since then it’s gotten worse. But it’s not all her, Kanye’s sex drive was put in park after his breakdown. They know they need all the help they can get to avoid a permanent climax in their relationship.”

Showbiz Spy has put out a call to our Kardashian insider that has not one time been wrong, and she is telling us that the story is completely made up bull shit. “The story by National is totally false, though they have their relationship problems, there is absolutely no issues with their sex life. That is the one thing that is definitely not wrong with the relationship.”

We would have to yet again agree with our Kardashian source, I mean let’s get real here people… Kim K and her porn video is, and has been the #1 most downloaded porno video now for what a few years. Anyone that has seen the Kim K Superstar sex video knows damn well Kim does not need any kind of sex coach. The story Enquirer put out actually made us laugh when we looked at it.

Anyways, just goes to show, choose your news sources wisely, as there is a lot of bull shit out there, even in the mainstream media.