It has been almost 9 years now since the so called “leak” of the best sex tape ever leaked by Kim K and even to this day it is the most downloaded adult video of all time. Tons of sites claim to have the full video but the truth is that you can still only download the video fro the original licensee and their partners.

Kim herself has always tried to avoid the subject but in a way since she avoids the subject the public want it even more. The tape has made the Kardashian family one of the richest celebrity families on the planet and hundreds of celebrities have tried to follow the Kim K Superstar ingredients used to become so successful and all have failed.

Most recently reported by the Daily Mail, Kim admitted flat out that the entire video was a set up and the brain child of both her mom Kris Jenner and porn mogul of the Girls Gone Wild franchise Joe Francis with his connections in the adult industry.

According to David with download numbers are still incredibly strong and the most downloaded video in the companies database. “We still get more downloads for the Kim K Superstar sex tape than any other celebrity tape in our network of exposed celebrity videos. We also find it kind of crazy to believe that even after all these years there is still a huge public demand for the full uncensored video.”