As we reported, and most of the world knows about, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint at a mansion while she was staying in France.

During that robbery, the thieves locked Kim K in the bathroom, and managed to make off with millions in jewelry, and very expensive product that Kim had laying around the rented mansion.

Tons of sites are now reporting on a sex tape and nude leaked content that will hit shortly, because the thieves also got away with her cell phones (that has already been confirmed to ShowbizSpy to in fact have some sexual content on). Yet, there is a problem with that information. You see, Kim had 2 IPhones stolen from her during the robbery yes, though as we all know unless they had Kim unlock the phones with her finger print or provide both phones pass-codes during the robbery, it will be almost impossible for the thieves to retrieve the information on the phones. Hell, even the FBI took forever to finally break into some IPhones for terrorist purposes, after Apple turned them down several times looking for help to break in.

So this leaves us with a couple points here… Kim already told police that the thieves locked her in the bathroom while they ransacked the place and took off with all of her goodies. She mentioned nothing about them asking her to unlock her cell phones. If new sex tape videos or nude pictures do leak, we would have to assume this may have been an inside job to get the new content out there, and thus “leak” her part 2 sex tapes, and as we all already know the original full Kim Kardashian sex tape (Kim K Superstar) was, and still is the most downloaded porn video of all time. So there would be no question that the new video would take over that spot, giving her the #1 and #2 most watched sex tape porn video of all time.

All of this comes on the heals of of several tabloid reports that Kim has been wanting to “leak” a sex tape with Kanye, and that Kanye has not wanted to make anything with him public. So the timing of all this is pretty weird.

We have reached out to Kim Kardashian reps and they tell ShowbizSpy that “the robbery was very real and extremely scary for Kim K” and did confirm that “her cell phones where also taken in the heist”.

We then contacted her cell phone provider, and though they would not give us any specifics on this robbery and the phones status, they did tell us that if requested they can wipe clean the phones remotely no problem.

Something does not smell right in all of this, and could get very interesting indeed if something new does “leak”. Stay tuned for more updates!