Yet again, a few tabloid sites known for nothing more than lies and misleading people, are reporting that there is a sex tape of Kim Kardashian going with The Game. The rumors first started appearing on click-bait central, Facebook.

We are not saying there is no sex tape, it’s possible. Kim K did have Game back in the day. The Game, as we all know confirmed that he had sex with Kim K several times in the past, but who knows if they recorded themselves. They may have, we don’t know. What we do know is that the video that was circulating on Facebook, was complete bull sh*t and not the real deal, pure click-bait. We watched the video (for obvious professional reasons of course), and is was clear the video is not of either one of them.

The Game has also recently went on the Wendy Williams show, confirming to her audience that he has had sex with Kim, Khloe and Blac Chyna. This news as we know completely pissed off both Rob and Kayne.

There was also gossip last month that The Game leaked a sex tape of Nicki Minaj via Facebook. The video was said to have been leaked by The game to get back at Nicki’s fiance, Meek Mill. Folks believed it because of their ongoing beef. But, of course, that video too turned out to be bogus.

To sum it up, sorry fella’s, the only sex tape of Kim Kardashian is still her original one, Kim K Superstar, All the rumors of a part 2 or any new Kim K video is false, so don’t fall for it!