Ok people it is time for us to put all the new Kim Kardashian sex tape rumors to bed… This has been nothing more than some of the low life tabloid media outlets throwing darts to see what sticks. Stop it, this is just NOT true and nothing more than made up bull s**t!!! The part we can’t understand is how some of our friends like The Mirror, TheSun and Huffington Post are falling for these completely false stories, come on guys… we can do better!

A little background on this mess, is that after Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint, it was let known that the attackers took 2 phones from Kim, along with all the other jewelry and miscellaneous property. Some outlets not to be trusted like OK! and RadarOnline who have been busted lying only about a million times by trusted sites like GossipCop, PerezHilton and ourselves, continue to report about how the Kardashians are “so worried” that her naughty x-rated footage on the phones will be leaking to the web via the robbers. Now, even PornHub is trying to get in on the action offering a “reward” for information leading to an arrest, as they claim Kim Kardashian is a part of the “PornHub Family”?! Give us a frikin’ break. ShowbizSpy reported over a month ago how PornHub tries like crazy to deceive Google users via click bait links having to do with celebrity sex scandals that do not even exist, simply to make money off of advertising from duped Google users. No one is buying it there PornHub, go sell your sh*t to someone else.

Now… According to Johanna Primevert, the chief spokeswoman for the Paris police department, she has said continuously that “at no point was Kim asked for her finger print or pass-code to unlock the phones that where taken, before or after she was tied up in the bathroom, and that this was a crime of opportunity to hit someone they knew through social media had some extreme valuables in the mansion at the time.”

We reported just days ago on the Kim K robbery, as rumors of a new sex tape spread like wildfire, that the phones taken in the robbery where IPhones, and as we all know very well from the dealings between the FBI and Apple, gaining access to an IPhone without either a finger print or pass-code is an almost impossible task! Again, STOP the lies!!!

Our very trusted source inside of the Kardashain family is also telling us: “Kim is not worried about the thieves gaining access to her phones contacts or content, as they are always locked and the appropriate calls have been made.” Our source does confirm however that: “Kim has confirmed there was some adult content on one of the phones.” Look, we all know that Kim probably had some naughty stuff on her phones, that is of no surprise. Hell, her entire career was founded on the original Kim K Superstar sex tapes with Ray J. However, for the content to leak via the robbery, well that is almost impossible, unless of course this entire mess was an inside job, and we highly we doubt that.

Those also reporting that Kim Kardashian is “worried” that all of her contacts and messages are going to be seen, and/or that she is going to be blackmailed is also completely made up crap, as in the same post we released about Kim not worried about her sex tapes, we also go over the current processes from a wireless carriers point of view for elite clients. Proving without a doubt, that the phones can be wiped clean with a simple phone call to the carrier.

So, in closing if the main stream media can just open their minds and investigate stories a bit before posting them as fact, that would be just great.

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