Adult porn company Vivid, who holds the rights to the original Kim Kardashian sex tape porn video filmed with rapper Ray J, has recently launched a new Virtual Reality version of the famous sex video that boosted Vivid Entertainments recurring income through the roof.

However, there is a problem… the virtual reality girl that is supposed to be Kim Kardashian, is nothing more than a lookalike (and not a good one at that).

For a whopping $119 on the Vivid site, you get access to the “Kim Kardashian Superstar Experience”, providing you a lookalike that will do nasty things at your command… Hmm sounds more like just a simple cam sex twist, but who are we to judge. lol

Vivid released the following statement: “This virtual experience gives you your first chance to see what it would be like to make your own personal home video with the reality celebutante, Miss Kim Kardashian. She comes right out of her famous home video with Ray J to have some fun with you.”

The entire description is very misleading, though the last sentence is downright a false claim, making many think that Kim Kardashian is actually going to interact with them, and well, that is just not true. Personally, I have never been a big fan of Vivid, due to their high prices, and dirty billing tricks. Not, that I would know. Haha!

We have put out calls to Kim’s rep, and they have told us: “At this time we are looking into legal options for this blatant misuse of Kim’s name.” Which kind of leads us to believe that maybe the false claim by Vivid may be a breach of their terms of agreement (Kim has said many times she wants the rights back for the video, to bury it). They did have the right to promote Kim’s real sex tape, but did they have the right to promote her name attached to a virtual reality experience using a lookalike? Hmmm. Our attorneys think Kim may have a solid case to sue Vivid, if she wanted to. But, we kind of doubt it, as Kim and her mom set up the entire sex tape in the first place.

Either way this will be great to see how it all plays out legally. We are putting our money on there will be some lawsuits.