Several outlets have been reporting that there has been a Kim Kardashian sex tape leak after her Paris robbery.

We have looked high and low and can now confirm 100% those rumors are completely untrue. Kim did have some more exposed content leak, however the content was previously unreleased content from her original Kim K Superstar sex tape video from 2006 with rapper Ray J.

The entire rumor started of course again on Facebook, with a click bait post that got to the media, and then went viral.

Even Kim herself commented on the rumors stating: “The video in question was from my original tape with Ray J.”

We reported immediately after the robbery that a leak of any sex tape footage from Paris was impossible, due to her IPhone restrictions and cellular provider rules on access.

All of this came very shortly after Ray J went public saying that momager Kris Jenner was the brains behind the entire leak. Something we had also reported long ago!

So sorry fellas, though you do get to see new unseen video of Kim getting it on, it is from her original video and not a new sex tape with Kanye, as being reported.