Producers of the famous ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ show cast Kim Kardashain’s sex tape partner Ray J, in what sources claim are hopes that Ray J will spill the beans on the entire Kim Kardashian sex tape video leak in detail.

Most recently Ray J dropped a massive diss track on Kim, as he teamed up with Chris Brown for ‘Famous’ – a dig at Kanye West’s song of the same name – and delivered a scathing attack on his former flame and her man, who was himself hospitalized for exhaustion this week.

In a hard-hitting verse, he sings: “She f***ed me for fame, look in her eyes. She was the first one to sign on the line. She was the real one to plan it all out.

“Look at the family, they walk around proud. All because she had my d**k in her mouth.”

Ray J up until this point had always steared clear of dissing Kim K, however when Kanye West made his Famous music video, that he considered a type of “art”, that was enough to finally push Ray J over the edge.

ShowbizSpy has already opened all doors into the Kim Kardashian sex tape, proving without a doubt the entire tape was a complete set up masterminded by Kim, her mother Kris and Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis, after seeing the success of the Paris Hilton sex tape videos.

Most recently Kim’s lil sister Kylie Jenner has been the talk of the town and sex tapes, though none have actually been confirmed as the real deal. Kylie has gone on the record though and said that she does in fact have several sex tape videos with Tyga, and has even been made multi-million dollar offers for the rights from several companies, including PornHub, XVideos and Vivid Ent.