Yikes, seems Kanye’s ego may have bitten off more than he can chew this last go around at being a complete tool. Radar reported through their source that the power couple are having big relationship problems, however according to our very reliable source that is not even the half of it.

The issue has not just started with this last album release problem but has been stemming for some time now.

ShowbizSpy: “So what’s going on with Kim and Kanye and all this divorce talk?” Source: “The album is not what has made Kim think of leaving Kanye, well… not the main reason but may be the nail in the coffin anyways… there is several other reasons that have been stewing for the last year. I would say that after all the problems they have been having recently with him and adding on top of that this current album issue… more than likely this will be the good excuse and final straw for Kim to bail.” She goes on to say: “It’s like the shoe deal that Kylie was going to do with Puma, Kanye absolutely flew off the handle about it and really upset Kim to the point where she was balling uncontrollably after listening to Kanye talking s**t on her sister. He is an ego maniac in every aspect of his life and Kim is just tired of dealing with it and being controlled. I mean, have you listened to his album? Jesus, he talks s**t on her brother, brings up her sex tape video made with Ray J yet again and then talks about having sex with Taylor Swift. If you where Kim wouldn’t you be pissed?!” she then tells us: “Look, I can not tell you everything and I can not even tell you if divorce will happen as she does in fact love Kanye and her family very much, I can tell you though that Kim may be to the point of divorce based on what I have seen first hand.”

We believe Kanye knows there is an issue looming as just yesterday instead of bagging on people or promoting himself as being the all powerful one, he posted this Tweet that is still there today:

Now, we don’t want this to be a bag on Kanye story but we believe that if it is not already to late, he better do a 180 with his ego and controlling issues or Kim will be “el gonzo” very soon.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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