Did Kris Jenner know her son Rob Kardashian was going to pop the question to Blac Chyna? Speculation is swirling that she took the family on vacation to break it to her girls that Rob was asking Blac Chyna to marry him. If this is true, Kris knew that the girls would lose their sh*t when they heard. Did she whisk them all to Vail to make sure they had time to cool down (get it, they went to Colorado) and chill (yes, another pun)?

I mean, if this family forgave Lamar Odom after he broke Khloe Kardashian’s heart, went on a coke and hooker bender and almost died then they for damn sure get over their beef with Chyna! They didn’t even bat an eye when Tyga was dating their underage little Kylie Jenner. You can bet at some point in Vail they had a big family sit-down (think Godfather) and they came up with a plan on how to handle it as a family.

Ultimately, everyone agrees that Rob looks the happiest and healthiest he’s been in years. I’m sure Kris recognizes this and has stressed to her daughters that they shouldn’t shun him over his choice of spouse. It should be noted that to date Kris Jenner has yet to post anything about Rob’s engagement.

The following Snapchat was posted by Kim, it show the gang on their way to Vail. Their seen here making a toast. It’s hard to understand in the video but they’re saying, “Let’s have a toast for the douchebags” Scott added, “and for the assholes.” This is from Kanye’s song, “Runaway.” Coincidence? Or are they referencing the engagement drama?

There have obviously been some conversations between the family and the couple, now known as #BlacRob (the new Kimye). Since the family has returned from vacation they made gradual statements and acknowledgements that the family had in contact with Rob and Blac Chyna. But hey, do the Kardashian’s really have any room to bitch about some sex tapes? I think not!

Kanye West was the first to speak. Actually, he’s been the only one to answer questions. He answered the paps questions in the airport with a smile on his face that says, I knew yall were gonna ask this sh*t, I came prepared.

Next, Rob posted a snap Kim sent him. Rob captioned the snap “Had to post this snap my sis sent me. LOL she’s got jokes! #KimsCryFace.” Some are misinterpreting the clip thinking it’s serious. No one that’s really crying is going to use a SnapChat filter. This is meant to be a funny snap. Plus, her make up is too perfect, she’s not about to mess it up with tears.

Shortly after Rob posted Kim’s Snapchat, Khloe Kardashian posted an argument from an episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians. The clip is of Kim and Rob a few years back fighting over something when she was married to Kris Humphries. Khloe captioned the video “MOOD!!! I wish all fights were like this! What were they even fighting about?” Clearly this is some statement about Rob’s engagement. Was she alluding to the fact the family has fought over silly things in the past, and they’ve moved on. Or, was she saying she’d wants the current fighting going on behind the scenes to stop?

There is of course the issue that Blac Chyna has a ton of naughty videos featuring some very high powered celebs, though we are still waiting on that. Either way though she has confirmed that the Blac Chyna sex tape porn videos are the real deal. So we are sure sooner or later they will drop.

So what do you think? Do you think the girls are making peace with their brother or do you think there’s still trouble in Kardashianland?