We have already confirmed through Kylie directly that she and Tyga have filmed themselves many times having sex. After Kylie’s confirmation the porn offers flooded in from companies like Hustler, Vivid, PornHub etc.

Fast forward to the now and our spies are telling us, that those close to Kylie are saying she is freaking the hell out. “Kylie is really worried that Tyga will “leak” some of the sex videos the couple has filmed over the years out of spite, or if the Tyga starts to have any money issues.”

This is not the couples first break up, but both Kylie and Tyga have confirmed that the relationship will not be back on again any time soon. Tyga was recently seen with a new supermodel girlfriend and Kylie has also been rumored to already be in a relationship with a secret celebrity.

All of this talk of sex tape worries is hilarious, as we just got done reporting about the Tyga and Blac Chyna sex tapes that have also been confirmed the real deal, and already have a possible deal in place.

All we know is that one way or another a new full sex tape of Tyga with either Kylie or Blac is a very strong possibility at some point this year. If it does end up being with Kylie we can guarantee she will beat her big sister Kim Kardashian’s sex tape video download numbers.