There was a report by the NZ Herald today that said a sex tape video of Kylie Jenner and Tyga leaked, via Tyga’s official website in his videos section. Problem is, the rumor is false and was simply made up by a Witty Feed user, a source we guess the Herald checks often but shouldn’t use.

Truth is there was never any tape of Kylie and Tyga on his website.

Now that is not to say there is not real sex tapes of Tyga and Kylie (we will update this link if more news of a Kylie tape leaks), as they have both confirmed making several of them, and Kylie’s worries about the videos after the public breakup. But as of right now, sorry folks, just more bs rumors.

ShowbizSpy reached out to the Herald and asked a couple questions of the reporter that “broke” the story: ShowbizSpy: “Did you actually see the video on Tygas site?” Reporter: “No” ShowbizSpy: “Could you confirm the source on Witty as reliable?” Reporter: “No” ShowbizSpy: “Did they have any proof, screenshots or anything like that?” Reporter: “No”

This ladies and gentleman is what we in the reporting industry like to call “jumping the gun”. We are blown away that the editor of a well respected news source allowed such a poor unfounded report, with absolutely no proof or reliable sources. Shame!

Anyways, you guys all know me, if there is any real Kylie Jenner sex tape news that is legit, I will be one of the first to let you know about it as always!