So there has been talk in mainstream media of an offer from Larry Flint to buy the Playboy mansion and boot out Hugh Hefner.

With the history between these two pornography empires we could just not believe it and decided to find out some details for ourselves.

According to TMZ and the NY Daily News Hustler executives wanted to make an offer to buy the mansion but Hugh staying there until he dies would not be in the contract.

Harry Mohney was quoted as saying: “We feel it is an excellent place for The Hustler Club and Hustler Mansion.” He goes on to talk about the $200M asking price: “We are not going to offer half that much,” Mohney insists. “I don’t know where he got that figure from. Certainly it would require an appraisal of the value.”

After Larry said in public he had no interest in buying the mansion Harry quickly replied: “He gave those quotes before he and I spoke,” says Mohney. “We spoke over the weekend, discussed some figures, and he thought the Hustler Mansion had huge potential.”

Now, we called on one of our very reliable spy’s that work within the Hustler Corp. and they told Showbiz Spy: “The offer was nothing more than a PR stunt to drum up media coverage for the Hustler name, Larry insists even now he has no interest in the “pos dump mansion” and that the PR stunt was the brain child of Harry Mohney and as we all know any press is good press in Hollywood.”

So there ya go folks, we can say with 100% confidence that there will be absolutely no deal between Larry and Hugh, so don’t believe the hype.

Here is TMZ reporters talking with Larry about purchasing the mansion before Harry decided to make this a PR stunt:

Here is Larry saying Hugh has “lost his mind” for working to get out of the adult industry: