Oh Snap! A call girl named Carrie Reichert that calls herself a “message therapist” in Las Vegas is writing a tell all book about her experiences with the rich and famous even naming names.

Of the large collection of celebrities she said to have “taken care of” is Prince Harry and the night she was with him when those nude pics of the Prince surfaced last summer.

The book is said to be over 500 pages of very naughty stuff including inside information on celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan from nights that they where all out together.

Bad Girls PR is representing Carrie, and told The Daily Mail… “We are keeping the stories under wraps until the book’s release. But during early meetings, we have been shocked and surprised by what she had to say. There may be some stars quaking in their boots when this is published.”

Funny thing about the entire scandal is the same day Carrie did an interview on the Prince Harry nude photos scandal she was arrested and extradited back to Mississippi to face charges of bouncing checks. Hmmm

We have a feeling there is going to be some juicy stuff in those books and can’t wait to see what she has to say.

Here is a picture of Carrie the night she was with Prince Harry:
Carrie Reichert Speaks

And here is Prince Harry the same night in photos sent to TMZ LOL: