It has happened yet again! Should we call this one “The Celebrity Fappening III”? LOL!

Several celebrities have been hit by a hacker leaking nude photos and videos of them and their partners. Some of the photos made it to CJ and other parts of the web for the public’s viewing pleasure.

Some of the celebs hit by this latest Fappening hack include Miley Cyrus (again), Lindsey Vonn, Kristen Stewart (yet again), Stella Maxwell, Amber Heard, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and smoking hot Emily Ratajkowski to name just a few.

We have inside information on the hacks and who is doing the hacking. Though we will not go into specifics on name calling, all authorities need to do is look to the site that broke the “news/pics” as they have been busted several times hacking powerful sites to rank their own over the years. Either way the hackers better watch their back, as the individual responsible for The Fappening 2.0 went to federal jail for 2 years, and received 5 years probation.

Is hacking nudes a bad things? Well, yes and no… as we have seen over the last 10+ years is that any news in Hollywood, especially nudes and sex tapes does nothing but help the celebs career. This has been proven 100’s of times!

We have reported in the past that with the advancement of technology, and having a camera on everything everywhere you go. The sex tape and leaked nudes business is set to hit several records in the coming years, this according to many interviews with top web security firms.

What celebrity will be the next Kim Kardashian Superstar? Only time will tell.