Uh Oh! Seems a wealthy hedge fund manager named Jeremy Frommer who is always on the lookout for celebrity artifacts recently hit the jackpot after buying a ton of lockers owned by former Penthouse founder Bob Guccione who had died from cancer in 2010.

In one of the lockers among several goodies was exposed nude media of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Madonna from back in the 80′s that is said to be very explicit. There is also talk of a Arnold Schwarzenegger leaked sex tape and several Madonna nude content and sex tapes in the mass assortment of videos.

Along with the Madonna and Arnold goodies was…

Unreleased nude photos of Madonna and model Lauren Hutton (including negatives)
Correspondence with Dick Cheney, the Unabomber and a woman claiming to be Fidel Castro’s lover
Footage and artifacts from Guccione’s controversial 1979 pornographic film “Caligula”
Guccione’s personal file, including information about publishing nude photos of then-Miss America Vanessa Williams and a takedown of televangelist Jimmy Swaggart
A photo of a young Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently performing a sex act
Mock-ups of ad campaigns attacking Hugh Hefner and his Playboy enterprise
63 oil paintings and other works by Guccione
Numerous shots of Penthouse Pets
Amateur submissions for the magazine
Documented plans for the proposed Penthouse Boardwalk Hotel and Casino
Personal good including jewelry, a camera, journals and appointment books

Here is some videos if you have been under a rock your entire life and don’t know who Arnold or Madonna are:

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