Not that you can not figure this out for yourself, but the Access Hollywood tape that has hurt the Donald J Trump presidential campaign, seems to have been held on to by top executives until just the right moment by the Clinton campaign.

A very reliable spy inside the Clinton campaign is telling us that the tape was known about by them for “some time” before it “leaked” via the The Washington Post, and used at just the right moment to provide as much damage as possible.

TMZ also has just reported: “People at NBC knew about Donald Trump’s crude conversation with Billy Bush for at least 2 months … because Billy was bragging about it back then. Billy was telling NBC staffers in Rio about the tape back in early August, when he was still working for “Access Hollywood.” We’re told word circulated because Billy made it clear Trump was trash-talking Nancy O’Dell.”

There is another issue at hand here as well, and that is Billy has claimed there is other tapes that could completely destroy Trump all together. So that would mean we have more to come and probably why Trump has said himself that: “They probably have more that will leak, I don’t know, but the difference is my talk is just that, talk, and the Clintons… specifically Bill actually acts on much worse.”

Either way, sometimes we wish we were in the business of reporting on politics, as this sh*t is getting so good, and you never know what is going to happen next!

Wikileaks has also been getting in on the poop throwing as well, by publishing very damaging hacked email correspondences against Hillary Clinton on a daily basis now, and is the only reason many say that Trump still has a chance.