Yikes, Nascar racer Robby Gordon is devastated, after the news that his parents where both found dead in their Orange County, CA home on Wednesday afternoon.

TMZ reports that the Orange County Coroner office describes the death of Robert Gordon as being consistent with a self-inflicted rifle gunshot wound, and the death of Sharon Gordon was a result of strangulation.

Showbiz Spy has been snooping around a bit on this developing story, and has found out… that there had possibly been some issues with the relationship most recently. According to sources “there may have been some infidelity issues that caused Bob to go ape shit and strangle his wife”. One source that has visited the home in the past, is also telling us that they could tell there was some major tension at the time they where in the house… Our insider did elaborate a bit, but we are not going to post what we were told out of respect right now.

Robby had commented when he found out about his parents, saying:” I’d like everybody to understand this is very tough. It’s not only tough for me but tough for my sisters. And my sister that is Sharon’s daughter, Haylee.” He goes on to say he will get to the bottom of what happened and caused this devastation within his family.

Robby who is normally on social media all day, has been radio silent dealing with his loss.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Gordon family.

[UPDATE] – Police are saying that there was indeed a knife also found next to the body of Sharon, making it look as though she may have been fighting for her life, or made to look as though she was on the attack. Police are still trying to piece together what all went down. We will keep you posted as more info comes in.