Nicholas Brendon Arrested Yet Again In Hotel

That’s right not to sound like a broken record but The “Buffy the Vampire” star was at another geek convention and whilein his hotel room freaked out and called police on himself. When the police arrived Nicholas was going on and on about someone steeling his things, that’s when they noticed that the room was trashed and the mattress was in the bathroom on the pooper that was overflowing. Yuk

After the investigation police figured out that he had been boozing and popping pills all day long so they ended up taking the actor to jail to sleep it off.

The crazy thing is that this is pretty much what happened the other few times all at Hotels for nerd conventions.

We have an idea Nicholas… stop popping random pills with alcohol and visiting geek conventions and you should be just fine!

Here is Nicholas talking about why he is having so many issues like sexual abuse:

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