Yikes… As we all know by now Nikki’s ex Mally Mall at first denied but then came clean that he was in fact the one that leaked the Nikki Mudarris sex tape download. Now, Mally says he has got a ton more footage of Nikki and he is going to leak it all very soon.

The news first hit about a month ago after a short clip of Nikki and Mally having sex hit the web. Mally said he did not leak the footage and Nikki said that she had no idea that she was being filmed. Though according to reports that was just not true. Source reported that a close friend of Mally said that he told him he was going to do it and that Nikki knew damn well she was being filmed as in the video she looks directly into the camera talking dirty.

Nikki is taking a page from the Kardashian sex tape book with the threat of a law suit now against anyone that posts the tape footage and according to Mally there is hours of it.

Mally and Nikki are known to be in a constant hardcore battle, even at the time they starred together in the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reality show.

Lawyers for Nikki have been busy trying to send out DMCA notifications and lawsuit threats to all sites that have posted the tape.