If you have been under a rock and not heard yet, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner died Wednesday of complications from a previous back injury doing who know what. Heff has had a constant back issue now for almost 2 years and a minor bug was to much for the icon to handle.

If you remember we, not TMZ broke the story that Hefner sold his mansion to Daren Metropoulos who is the Pabst heir, however one of the stipulations was that he could stay there until he passed away. The buyer has made good on that promise and then some, as he is allowing one last hooray party at the mansion in Heff’s memory.

We are being told that everyone is going to be there, and we mean everyone! Both current and past employees will be in attendance with celebrities and ex-models everywhere.

Much respect to Daren for allowing this all to take place, and released a statement Thursday on the passing of Hef, saying … “Hugh Hefner was a visionary in business, a giant in media and an iconic figure of pop culture whose legacy will leave a lasting impact.”

The last will and testament for Hugh has no questions whatsoever, as it has been in place for several years now and backed by his power attorneys with his son appointed as trustee (not his 2nd wife).

Everyone is the Playboy organization has always told us that the Playboy house felt like home, and that everyone simply “got along” as Hugh would not put up with any fighting of any kind at his mansion.

The mansion has caused several scandals and leaked sex videos of celebrities over the years, but Hef’s staff/security have kept most of the scandals under wraps. The mansion has the same saying that Vegas does… What happens in the Playboy mansion, stays in the Playboy mansion!

Hef founded Playboy in Chicago in 1953. He is also survived by his wife, Crystal Harris, sons Marston, 27, and David, 62, and daughter Christie, 64. We would say you are in a better place now, but really?! LOL

Here is a great little interview of Hugh from about 10 years ago, talking about the business that made him an american icon:

Here is another video from back in the 60’s when everyone and their dog claimed to be against the Magazine, but everyone had one under their mattress: