Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn…Holy crap Pamela Anderson is on a rampage as she just went on record stating that her soon to be ex-hubby Rick Salomon made over 40million last year and hid almost all of it from paying Federal and California State income taxes.

According to Pamela Rick made well over $40,000,000.00 last year in poker winnings and most of that made of one man that he was killing on the tables, Andy Beal. According to documents Pam was pissed that Rick was understating his income big time and was not going to kick in for Pam in the divorce settlement, so she went public with the real deal on his financials and may have royally screwed the ex One Night In Paris sex tape celebrity. Rick is saying she is just pissed that she is broke and complained on the daily about not making any money from the Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee sex tapes.

We are not sure if Pamela understands what she has done but a quick search reveled that the penalty on tax evasion in the amount that she is saying Rick hid from the local and state governments could be 5-7 years in federal prison. (R) More than $40,000,000 23 46-57m and as we all know the feds will get every last bit of time they can to make an example out of Rick so that others do not try to screw the system on paying federal and state taxes. Yikes!

Pam also went into details on how Rick hid his money and purchasing of houses and cars… stay tuned folks this one could get really nasty!