Paris Jackson (daughter of the late Michael Jackson) is on attack mode, after famous photographer Troy Jensen stretched the truth about her recent photo shoot with boyfriend/soul mate Michael Snoddy.


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So the way it goes is Paris Jackson worked with Troy Jensen for a racy photo shoot with boyfriend Michael Snoddy, then Paris claims that Troy was divulging behind-the-scenes details she says didn’t happen. Jackson further took issue with Jensen releasing the pictures to ET without getting her approval or even asking if it was cool. ET is telling ShowbizSpy that they “have nothing to do with the beef and had sent payment to Troy to use the racy photos”.

ET was told by Troy: “They were kissing, biting, pulling, hugging. I mean, I was just snapping the picture. She wasn’t worried about what anyone thought on set, or how it looked. “They would just start making out like crazy, and we had to keep breaking to clean them up and re-touch up the makeup and wipe all the black lipstick off Snoddy’s face.” The photographer continued, claiming: “I wasn’t trying to make her look grown up or sexy or whatever. She’s the one that would pose and move.”

However, after ET published its online version of the story, Jackson was pissed and tweeted, “You forgot to tell everyone about the part where you TOLD US to do everything we did in the shoot, sweetheart…” Upset that Troy was making her and boyfriend Snoddy look like a couple of nymphomaniacs.

Jackson ended the issue with Jensen selling the photos to ET without getting her permission, Saying: “Not to mention the fact that he gave those pictures to ET and didn’t ask for my, or snoddy’s, approval on any of them. I mean after this, what model is going to want him to shoot them if they know he’s THIS untrustworthy?” Troy Jensen has yet to respond on social media to Jackson calling him out on all the shenanigans.