Presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump, met with House Speaker, Paul Ryan, this morning to get party leaders on board the Trump train and unify the party.  The Donald with all of his deal making prowess presumably went guns a blazing to swoop the Wisconsin Republican off of his feet.   After the two met a joint statement was issued to unify Republicans to “unite around our shared principles, advance a conservative agenda and do all we can to win this fall.”  Trump also tweeted, saying things were “working out very well.”

So all is well and everyone in the party is behind their candidate – Hold your horses there cowboy.  After their face to face meeting the answer is still nope in regards to a formal endorsement.  Which is pretty much ‘mud in your eye’ for Trump and his camp.  If he wants to look presidential to the general electorate he’s going to want to, at the very least, get his own party leaders behind him.  Our thoughts here at ShowbizSpy is the Trumpster would rather eat a ghost pepper while getting kicked squared in the nuts than leave that meeting without a full on butt kissing endorsement from the House Speaker, and leader of the Republican party.  Doh!

(Note to self) KKK = Hard to get an endorsement from Speaker of the House