As we previously reported through inside information that Peyton Manning was going to be retiring for sure, it has now become official, leaving behind an NFL career that only dreams are made of. Peyton shocked the world with his tear filled retirement speech labeled as one of the best retirement speeches ever given by several sources in the media.

Manning’s retirement comes on the heels of the quarterback leading the Denver Broncos to a win in Super Bowl 50 championship against Cam Newton and the Panthers. It was Manning’s fourth Super Bowl appearance and his second victory. Manning won his first Super Bowl ring in 2007 with the Indiana Colts and stud wide receiver Marvin Harrison. Manning also took home the MVP award for his tremendous passing in the 2007 match, which included a 53-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter. Peyton and Marvin were feared by all defensive backs and loved by fantasy owners around the world. Manning is also basically a lock for the Hall of Fame as one of the most productive quarterbacks of all time with records including throwing the most touchdown passes and the most passing yards.

ShowbizSpy reached out to Manning for comment and got a few words from the high class player. ShowbizSpy: “So are the rumors we heard of you doing a limited deal with Fox sports correct?” Manning: “I have a lot of plans and I am sure that I can contribute my knowledge to many, as for how or who I will be doing that with at this time I can not say.” ShowbizSpy: “So what are you going to be doing with your time now that you will not need to prepare for training camp and the season?” Manning: “I will be playing a lot of golf now.” ShowbizSpy: “Really, what’s your handcap?” Manning:”Well right now I am in the single digits and would like to get under scratch.”

During Manning’s very emotional retirement speech he recalls several moments from his NFL career starting all the way back in high school. He talked about how appreciative he was for his teammates and coaches, as well as his opponents. Manning also recalled all he would “miss” being away from the game including peers and coaches. He ended his speech by saying, “God bless all of you, and God bless football.

Peyton Manning Full NFL Retirement Speech given 3/7/16, make sure you have a tissue handy:

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