If you know anything in this world you know that the Halloween party every year at the Playboy Mansion is off the hook amazing!

Problem is that at the 2013 shindig an un-invited guest Michael Jed says he attended Playboy’s 2013 Halloween bash and was approached by security guards during the party. Jed says they told him his wristband wasn’t legit so they called the cops and placed him under citizen’s arrest. Jed says he tried to make a run for it after waiting an hour and this is where it gets sticky.

According to the lawsuit, security guards beat Jed to a pulp … he suffered trauma to his spine, bruises, contusions and sprains to his neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs and wrists.

Jed also says he sat in the pokey for every and was later released without any charges.

The Playboy Mansion management staff has not commented on the current legal mess with Michael.

Sources: TMZ, GossipCop

Here is a video of fun at the Playboy Mansion at the 2013 party: