Well, this is a bit weird. One of the most famous houses on the planet, the 89 year old 6 acre Playboy Mansion that is located in Holmby Hills Estates has gone up for sale. The initial asking price has been set at somewhere around the $200M mark give or take.

We contacted Rose & Terry Real Estate that specialize in high priced homes and they told us: “The price is way to high no matter who owned the home. The house is very dated and will take a special buyer that may also be interested in paying for history. At most we would say this house should go for around $100M as the land it sits on is worth most of that price.”

On top of all of that according to Playboy Enterprises part of the deal will be that Hugh Hefner gets to stay at the home in the master bedroom until he dies at which time the owners can do what ever they would like with the property.

Playboy Mansion Master Bedroom Bed

This makes us wonder if the Playboy empire may be in a bit of financial hardship as the Magazine itself has not done very well and on a steady terminal decline for many years now, thanks to the mass amount of free porn available online. But according to financial documents and Forbes Magazine they are making good profits with the move away from the nude niche to more of a men’s entertainment network.

One question that has been asked about the “terms” of the sale is what happens to all the women that stay at the mansion? Well, we checked into it and they will need to find somewhere else to live should it sell according to information obtained by Playboy management. “Only Hugh gets to stay with a companion of his choice”, of which he has many.

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