Powerball Reaches Record 1.4 BILLION

Powerball grew to new heights Monday when it reached 1.4 billion. “This is a world record jackpot,” Texas Lottery Commission media relations director Kelly Cripe said. The “lump sum” payout in this instance would be $868 million.

This round has been growing since November 4th, when it started at $40 million. “We’ve never been at these levels,” said Texas Lottery executive director Gary Grief, whose state lottery is part of the Multi-State Lottery Association that runs Powerball. “I’ve been in the industry over 20 years, and I’ve seen jackpots hit when we hardly have any of the potential numbers covered — like 5 percent of the possible combinations covered. And I’ve seen other jackpots when we’ve had 95 percent of the combinations covered and it rolls,” Grief says.

The odds to win are one in 292.2 million….so yes, we’re sayin there’s a chance!! Let us know in the comments: What would you do with all of that money?!