It is hard to turn a corner lately without seeing the current election details. “Who said what about who.” “Who is leading polls” “Where did _______ campaign money come from?” Is it too much to ask for to have a presidential candidate actually address the problems at hand? How about having one debate without name calling? Since Donald Trump entered into the race and speaking his mind. Every other candidate is focusing on his antics rather than what the real situations are. How about selling yourself and your views and your solutions instead of criticizing someone who has no filter?

In this day and age of “reality” shows it is difficult to determine fact from fiction. We move from watching the latest episode of (insert reality show here) to watching these presidential debates and we don’t blink an eye. Instead we laugh about it and poke fun on them. Stop and think about it. These people that are near celebrity status are all fighting to become the Commander in Chief, the highest held ranking in this country and the face of the United States for said term.

Perfect example, Donald Trump announced on twitter today that he is going to sue Ted Cruz for not being a “natural born citizen”.

Please tell me why the fact that Cruz was born in Canada to U.S. Citizens has anything to do with Trump running?

Trump did ask a rally last month if he should sue Cruz “just for fun” and he did go on to say the he would do so if the Texas senator “doesn’t clean up his act” and stop running negative ads against him.

I say lets get back on track and run a presidential race not a popularity contest. Please feel free to voice your opinion in the comment section below.