Ray J is getting super pissed about Maxwell Billieon with the Billieon Group (basically a wanabe celeb promoter) releasing old content randomly to the media and this last audio clip that came out was Ray J talking about how his sex tape partner Kim Kardashian smelled really bad downstairs.

He found out about the clip and is now threatening to sue. According to the reports Ray J was working on a book deal through old business partner Maxwell and recorded a ton of audio content through phone interviews that was going to be used in the book that was eventually thrown away due to Ray J’s increased success and fear of backlash if the book went public. However, Maxwell or someone in his organization kept all the audio conversation and has been leaking them randomly over the last 8 years.

On top of talking about Kim Kardashians smelly downstairs there is also audio of Ray J talking about dating Whitney Houston in the same time frame that she had her fatal overdose and he is trying to make sure that audio does not also come to light by filing cease and desist letters to the old business partners. Our spies are telling us the audio talks about her drug addiction and bedroom practices.

Ray J several times explains that was the old immature Ray J and it was disrespectful to discus what he talked about in the past as he is a changed man and moving forward with his career in a positive way.

Here is the audio that is going around where Ray J is talking about Kim Kardashian’s vagina being smelly all the time and talking with Dr’s about it:

Here is Ray J defending his old audio clip in an interview with The Breakfast Club. They try to get him to say that Kim K’s vagina stank and Ray starts to get pissed and ends the call (you can tell he is really getting mad at them for trying to get him to talk about Kim):