Looks like Arnold Scwarzenegger saved all of his man juice for when he cheated on his wife Maria Shriver with the housekeeper Mildred Patricia Baena. The fling he was having is what is said to ultimately cause the divorce between Arnold and Maria, after the scandal broke publicly in 2011.

18 years after the child was born, he is looking more and more like his sperm donor father Arnold than even Arnold’s previous children do:

Joseph has been following more in his fathers footsteps with a serious amount of pumping iron, even in dads old spot in Venice Beach where he was most recently spotted after working out.

In an interview with 60 minutes he never knew who his father was until he said: “I noticed that I started looking a lot like him (Arnold) and kind of put 2+2 together.

While the Junior star may not have as close a relationship with Joseph as with his other kids, Arnold bought him and his mother a very nice 4-bedroom home with a swimming pool in Bakersfield, CA. Arnold also provided the teenager a brand new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon for Christmas in 2014, a month before he got his driver’s license to drive.

Last year Joseph graduated from Frontier High School in Bakersfield, California and his tuition for college if he elects to go will also according to reports be paid by Arnold.

So it seems that even though Joseph was born on accident, Arnold is a man of his word and is taking care of his actions as best he can.

Here is an interview with Arnold talking about the entire ordeal in 2012, one year after the scandal broke: