Right after Peyton Manning released the reigns of the coveted Denver Broncos QB spot Brock Osweiler signed a deal with the Houston Texans worth $72 million as a backup! John Elway of the Broncos said: “I talked with Osweiler and in the end he decided to continue his career elsewhere… We’ve stayed true to our philosophy of building a team with players who want to be Denver Broncos, want to be here and contribute. That’s been a successful approach for us. We’ve now turned our attention to other options at quarterback and are confident that we’ll find the right player and person for our team. Our organization thanks Brock very much for his contributions and our organization wishes him all the best with his future.”

In comes the news that the Washington Redskins dropped Robert Griffin III who was the backup mostly if you ask us because his dad constantly causes problems. However, RG3 is now married with a child, changing his life for the better and not listening to his fathers “management” (or lack there of) advice anymore. ShowbizSpy put in a call to RG3 and here is what he had to say: “I am a changed man, a family man and I have stopped listening to all the buzzing bees (his dad) that used to be in my ear all the time telling me how I should run my life and my career. I am ready to do what I know I can still do best and hopefully god willing a team will have the belief in me.”

Now, fast forward to the Denver Broncos current QB issue for the 2016 season. At this time Trevor Siemian is the only quarterback on the Broncos roster and our little spies within the Denver Broncos organization are telling us that RG3 is a very strong possibility as “he has been talking with John Elway a lot about his future possibly being with the Denver Broncos as the starter”.

Another little tidbit is that Griffin already has ties to the Denver area as according to Wiki: Griffin grew up a fan of the Denver Broncos and Mike Shanahan, whom he played under for his first two seasons with the Redskins. At Baylor, Griffin met Rebecca Liddicoat, a native of Boulder, Colorado and the two were married on July 6, 2013. Rebecca gave birth to Griffin’s first child, Reese Ann Griffin, on May 21, 2015.

The Broncos won Super Bowl 50 despite Manning having the second-lowest team passing efficiency rating at a combined 74.3 rating for the regular season and postseason that turns out to be 13.5 points lower than the league average of 87.8. So, considering that the Broncos won it all with a very poor quarterback performance, they tend to love their chances of remaining a contender with even modest improvement under center. RG3 has proven that he has big game and with the talent surrounding the Denver Broncos many analysts feel that the Broncos would be unstoppable with a decent mobile QB at the helm of which RG3 could very well be.

Personally we feel RG3 would be a great addition to the Broncos already monster organization. What do you think, let us know in the comments below.

We tried to embed some videos that showcase RG3’s talent but since the NFL copyright attorneys are a bunch of complete douche bags these links to the videos will have to do. ;)