Ok, so in the news we have this entire Rob Kardashian shacking up with Blac Chyna thing that has gone viral.

Here is how it all went down… Rob and Blac were chilling at Khloe’s house while she was out of town for promotional reasons for her new show ‘Kocktails With Khloe’. Khloe came home a bit early and found the couple in here kitchen and instantly went ballistic yelling at Blac to “get the hell out of my house” throwing stuff around and yelling at Rob for bringing her into her house. Now, the reason why Khloe went crazy is because when Kylie hooked up with Tyga (Blac’s ex-man) Blac was said to have hounded the couple stalker style. Rob told sister Khloe to “F**k off” and has now moved in with Blac across the way.

Shortly after leaving the house tabloids like TMZ started reporting that Rob was getting ready to take the sex tape spotlight away from his family, meaning that he was making one with Blac that would overshadow Kim, Khloe and Kylie’s recent talk of tapes. Khloe also told TMZ that Rob is being played and buying Blac lavish gifts when he does not have much money.

Now, we move to Blac and Rob… many people do not know that the now couple have known each other for a very long time, even before all this feuding. Rob has a history of mental and physical issues and Blac at first was simply trying to help her “friend” that eventually turned into a “loving” relationship.

Kim Kardashian has surprised us all as being the only Kardashian to support her brother saying to Showbiz Spy’s: “The only thing that concerns me is my brothers fitness, safety and happiness and if he is getting that with her (Blac Chyna) then so be it.”

We recently 1-29-16 caught up with Khloe and she has now changed her tune and said to one of our Spy’s: “If Rob is happy that is all that matters to us.” We then asked if Blac would be welcome to family events and she replied: “My brothers happiness means more to us than any kind of petty disagreement, of course she will be welcome with open arms.” LOL Yeah right.

Only time will tell how this all plays out, but our personal feeling is that if Rob is getting healthy with the help of Blac who could ask for more. Let the boy do his thing and if it does not work out in the end at least he was able to get healthy again. What do you guys think about the relationship? Is it real? Will it last? Is Blac playing Rob to get back at the Kardashian sisters? Lots of questions on this one, let us know what you think in the comments below.

There has also been talk within the Kardashian organization that Blac does in fact have some sex tapes out there and has plans to release a tape with Rob at some point. Though at this time we can not confirm the tape with Rob, Blac has been verified to have stared in her own naughty videos. This all makes the Kardashian empire founded on Kim’s sextape success a bit nervous.

Here is Complex take on the entire situation:

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