Showbiz Spy has been following the Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna relationship extremely close for a very long time, with our insider of the couple. Our spy inside the relationship is telling us that she is pretty sure the relationship is not going to last, as in a recent mega fight, Rob told Blac to f%*k off and that the engagement was officially over, and he moved out of Blac’s place.

Our source is telling us that “Blac has been treating Rob like shit, always talking crap on how his sisters try to keep him and his career down. Rob defends his family and Blac takes that as a shot at her. Well finally, Rob has had enough, as in the last fight about Blac’s several failed marketing attempts and contempt for the Kardashian sisters who she knows can’t stand her, then Blac told him to get out. Well he did just that with his finger in the air.

Rob then reached out to his sisters with the news, and though they acted concerned and tried to console their brother, deep down inside they are happy as can be to get rid of the possibility of Blac being in their family.

Some of the drama was aired on the most recent ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘ episode, with Rob calling his sisters and telling them “he is done”. While on a lunch date with Scott Disick and Kendall, Khloe said “I’ve heard they’ve been having problems recently and I’m sure he’s stressed out enough with just everything else.” Khloe went on to tell Rob “You feel unappreciated and I don’t think she realizes the affect it has on you but you also can’t put all of that on her shoulders, you know? You’ve gotta do your own thing, you’ve gotta be strong on your own two feet and you gotta like do you for you, so no matter what you’ll always be OK.”

Khloe took to Twitter with the news of Rob moving out saying:

An insider of the family is saying that “the Kardashian sisters are praying to god that the relationship does not work out. However, they do not want Blac to pull some shit with visitation rights of Rob’s un-born child.”

This entire love triangle could get very interesting. We here at Showbiz Spy have always tried to defend Blac in the relationship, though now it looks like she is really making Rob’s life (who is still in love with her) a living hell. And that is just not cool.

[UPDATE] – Our source is telling us that in a phone conversation between Blac and Amber Rose, while Blac was bitching, Amber told her to chill the f%*k out on Rob and that he is doing more than any man has ever done for her, and to not forget that. At which point Blac got a hold of Rob and apologized, we have no idea how Rob took the appoligy. It is super hard to keep up with all the drama, but we are trying dammit! LOL

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