Rob Lowe recently did an interview with GQ about the Rob Lowe underage sex tape video footage that leaked back in the day with the under age girls that got him into hot water with executives and almost cost him his career.

The tape features Rob having sex with not one but two underage girls with another one of his buddies.

Rob says that: “The sex tape that leaked really hurt me and helped me at the same time. It hurt that the girls where underage however the facts came out that I was lied to, it helped by the amount of press the entire scandal had.”

Only a select few people reached out to Rob after the scandal and one of them was non other than Hugh Hefner saying: “The technology existed and caught you with your pants down, it happened, move forward and put all this behind you.”

Rob himself says: ” The entire ordeal was difficult to deal with and had me drinking every night to numb the pain that the media was causing with all the horrible stories they reported, but after some time went by I felt like I could move on and better myself as a person.”

The tape is deemed illegal to watch as the girls where underage but a bit of searching and it was not difficult to find the full video.