If you have not heard yet, the rumors are true that Robert Griffin III better known as the ex Washington QB RG3, has in fact filed for divorce from his wife and high school sweetheart Rebecca Liddicoat.

ShowbizSpy reached out to the wife and she is telling us: “He is lying, I was totally blindsided by the infidelity and divorce. I thought things where fine with our family, hell we just bought a house in April.” As we had reported earlier and no one believed us, Robert has been “seeing” Grete even before they purchased the new home.

Grete Sadeiko who is a student and track & field athlete is saying the couple have known each other for the last year, but only just recently started getting serious. We call bullshit again on that statement as our spies told us long ago about this affair.

Robert has provided other statements, telling TMZ: “Our relationship has been over for years, we have just been going through the motions, you know what I mean.”

Rebecca is not going to lay down on this one, and has already told reporters that: “The entire situation is just so incredibly overwhelming and I am going to start leaving all decisions and comments up to my attorneys now.”

Looks like the divorce will end up costing RG3 most of his new contract money from the Cleveland Browns. Though social media thinks that is the way it should be for a man who is now know as a “cheater”.

Robert’s attorney have now told him not to discus any details with the relationship, in an attempt to protect his assets.

What do you think? Did RG3 cheat with this girl that he has known now for a long time? Will he end up getting waxed in court? We sure think so!