Robert Griffin lll Signs 2 Year Contract With The Cleveland Browns

Well, we can admit when our spies are wrong and boy were they on this one. RG3 has officially joined the dog pound at the Cleveland Browns, released via Cleveland Browns Twitter feed:

As we previously reported RG3 and those close to him had Denver as their #1 choice, though as we are told those talks went cold as money wise Denver would not compete with Cleveland’s $15-$25M offer and under the table head nod to become the starter. Griffin singed the dotted line this morning to join the squad and “compete” for the starting position.

Griffin goes on to say: “I’m excited about the opportunity to join the Dawg Pound and help build something here in Cleveland, Coach Hue (Jackson) and Pep (Hamilton), I had a great meeting with them. I really believe in what they preach and how they can help not only me as a player but this team win games and that’s what we’re all about.”

Jackson says: “We are excited about Robert joining the Cleveland Browns; He brings starting experience to our team and organization. He’s a young, athletic, talented passer and he’s really just starting out in this league. Just like every player on our team, Robert will have to earn every opportunity he gets. He will compete with the rest of the quarterbacks on our roster and he helps improve our QB room, which was one of my goals upon taking the job. It’s a special room and we want to put special people and players in that room.”