Sad Bill Murray Expresses What It’s Like to be a Basketball Fan in March After NCAA Xavier Loss

Hollywood legend Bill Murray was in St. Louis for the second round of the NCAA March Madness Men’s Basketball Tournament. Murray was at the game to cheer on Xavier as they faced Wisconsin Sunday. Xavier lost when Bronson Koenig of Wisconsin made a 3-point shot at the buzzer giving Wisconsin the 66-63 victory. The loss ended Xavier’s championship bid in the second round of the tournament. Some may wonder why Murray was cheering for Xavier. Murray’s son Luke is an assistant coach for the team.

Xavier wasn’t the only team to lose a heart-breaker this weekend. Murray’s face is the one everyone is making when they look at their brackets. There were huge upsets, last second shots, over-times, stunners, miracles, and sadness. Though the weekend included a “sad Saxophone girl” on Saturday, Murray made the saddest face of the tournament so far. In fact, it’s the saddest face since the “Crying Jordan.”

It has become customary for “Crying Jordan” to represent the emotions of the teams and their fans as they exit the tournament one-by-one. By Sunday night both Bill Murray and Crying Jordan were trending on Twitter.

Fans watching the game on TNT noticed Murray in the crowd. After Wisconsin hit their last second shot, the camera panned to Murray. Within seconds of Bill Murray being seen on their screens, Twitter users quickly started the memes.

We’re sure next weekend will bring more memes and more celebrity sightings. We’ll keep you posted on both.
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Here is the video of the game and Bill’s face after the shot:

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