The US Supreme Court announced that it will not hear a lawsuit filed by Nebraska and Oklahoma regarding Colorado’s legalization of marijuana. Thereby effectively extending the marijuana debate in the United States.

Nebraska and Oklahoma were looking for the lawsuit to bring guidance from the high court on states who defy Federal drug laws by regulating it on their own. Plus weather it is constitutional to do so in the first place.

The legal wrangling between the states is far from over. Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson stated that he plans to challenge Colorado’s pot law just not to the Supreme Court directly. “What it basically tells us is to go forth in the federal district court to start off the lawsuit”.

“Colorado has done more to control marijuana than just about any other state in the nation. It will continue to set an example for other states that are considering similar laws in legislatures and at the ballot box,” says Mason Tvert spokesman for the Marijuana Policy Project.

For historians this comes as a bit of a delight. This is basically federalists vs anti-federalists. Founding fathers George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison were Federalists or supporters of a strong central government. While Thomas Jefferson was an anti-federalist or supporter of states rights and a weaker central government. In this case Thomas Jefferson would be the pro pot Colorado guy and George Washington the anti-pot Nebraska, Oklahoma guy. Go USA!!